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Updates: 5/24/2020

Mary N:  Prayers of Joy her son Hunter and his girlfriend are expecting and bought a new house. Prayers of joy that the numbers are flattening, and some essential businesses are opening.

Ann Mollsen S:  Prayers of Joy that granddaughter, Gabriella graduated from Bartlett High School.

Also, GSUMC has 6 seniors who graduated from high school. 

Kitty G:  Prayers of Joy that she and her mom had a good conversation with lots of laughs. Kitty’s mom must elevate her legs daily, so Kitty drew a picture of her mom and cat elevating her legs, her mom had a good laugh about this picture, it was good to hear mom’s laughter.

Diane W: Prayers of Joy that she and her husband are celebrating 39 years of marriage today.

Ann Mollen S:  Prayers of concern as Leo’s glucose levels are high and Doctors figure out the reasons, and he also had surgery on his face, prayers that they got all the cancer.

Jacquie H. Her friend Katie’s sister who is a nurse has COVID19 and lives with mom and dad, prayers for the Schaefer family that they do not get COVID19 also.

Heather F:  Prayers for The Karavas’s grandson Weston, is in NICU, he had a traumatic birth, prayers that he can go home soon, hopefully Tuesday.  Also, prayers for Karavas’s as their house was flooded, and they are dealing with this as well.

Pastor Megan:  Mel and Marlon who have been working extensively are also supporting their aunt and uncle whose house had 3 feet of flooding, it has been a challenge to help her and work.

Jean D:  Prayers for her daughter and new son, who had a difficult delivery and the baby has a broken collar bone. Prayers of joy on the birth of their new grandson who is now home and doing well.

Margo G:  Prayers of Joy that Elise, who was not feeling well for 2 weeks is now feeling better.


Updates: 5/22/20

-Mel R.: Prayers for Mel & Marlon as they work on helping Marlon’s Aunt and Uncle following a flood in their basement, while continuing to work. Marlon’s Aunt and Uncle were swept away in the flood, but not harmed. Also, prayers for people trying to find ways to stay in their home and keep their businesses afloat.

Updates:  5/21/20

-Alexa S:  Prayers for two children of my brother-in-law, Jerry C., are currently dealing with health issues. Tim C. has been dealing with a cancer diagnosis and most recently has taken a fall that he is not recovering from. He is a diabetic and his feet have turned black so they are grafting tissue from other parts of his body.
-Jerry’s other son, Michael, recently had a tumor found on his pancreas. He is scheduled for a biopsy next week.

-Kitty G:  Her sister Beth asking for a prayer request for Mike, who has liver cancer, will have surgery June to remove grapefruit size tumor, later date he will need to have other tumors removed.  Prayers for his wife Carrie and their daughter.

Updates: 5/17/2020

-Gigi G: Hello, my dear Church Family and Fellow Prayer Warriors. My family needs your help. Our Dad (Pete Luz), who is in the Philippines, was just discharged from his 2nd hospital admission and currently at home recovering. The doctors found a mass in his pancreas and we pray it is benign or it will miraculously disappear. He will be undergoing major surgery (Whipple Procedure) anytime in the coming weeks. We are hoping for a miracle right now. Please spread the word also so that a lot of people will pray for him. Let us storm heaven with prayers for him and those who are ill. We serve a powerful God. Thank you! ❤️Gigi G. & Family

-Chris Leo:  Prayers of thanks for a beautiful day which has certainly lifted spirits.  Prayers of thanks that her brother found work, while he does have to travel, thankful he has a job.

-Pastor Megan:  Prayers of thanks from Jodie, Little Angels Asst. Director, she is thankful to Good Shepherd family for prayers and support during her mom’s illness and passing.

-Pam K:  Prayers for her daughter Emily, who is pregnant, baby is getting big and they will induce on Thursday if baby does not come before then.  Prayers for safe delivery for mom and baby.

-Lynda B:  Prayers for upcoming Blood Drive, this is first time she is volunteering so prayers that it goes well. Prayers to all volunteers, technicians, and donors who support this essential event.

-Margo G:  Prayers as she returns to work on Monday, she has concerns for this reentry into workplace.

-Pastor Megan: Prayers of safety to all of those who have been at workplaces and those who will be returning to their workplace. Prayers for Dale S. as he was in route to see his sister in Iowa when he received a call from home saying they had water in their house, so he had to turn around and go home to assist. Prayers for all those who have had water in their home, Pastor Megan has had water as well. Prayers for all her colleagues who has been ministering at a distance, and those challenges that this brings. Prayers for a colleague who has COVID19.

-John W:  Prayers for all of us to get along as we live within the limits of our houses, these are challenging times.

-Melissa K: Prayers for her sister, Jen, who had a round of chemo recently that was rough, she needs lots of rest from receiving this.  Jen will continue to receive blood treatments.  Glad that Melissa’s children and her sister’s children will be coming soon. Please lift Jen and Melissa during this time. If you would like to send a card to brighten her day, please send to: Jen Chapman 12337 County Road 4048 Holts Summit, MO  65043

Updates: 05/16/2020

Pam K. – prayers for Emily. She will be induced this Thursday if the baby doesn’t come before then.

-Jodie R: Prayers of thanksgiving for the love and support from Good Shepherd

-Pastor Megan: Prayers for Darneather Murph-Heath, our District Superintendent, who stopped by our church and prayed in the parking lot for our congregation, prayers for her health and strength during this time.

-Mary N: Prayers of joy her physical therapist told her she not longer needs to see her; Mary is functioning well on her own! She is happy she had a smooth transition from her surgery.

-Kristine R:  Happy Mother’s Day to all, thanks for the garden flowers at church.

-Kitty G:  Prayers for her Uncle Bob who suffered a massive heart attack in April and though he woke up and was hungry for a short time, he passed away this past week. Prayers for his beautiful family as they lay him to rest.

-Pastor Megan: Prayers to lift Jodie, LA teacher, her mom, Geneva, has passed away fighting COVID, prayers for the whole family. Prayers also for Anna, LA teacher, as her family works together to make the best decisions moving forward with her mom’s health issues. Prayers for Jeremy J. as he recovers as well as his whole family.

-Heather F:  Prayers for her mom who has a rash and is not able to see a Doctor due to offices being closed, prayers for an ease in her pain from this.

-Lori A:  Prayers for Terry K. for what he is going through battling pain as he continues to fight his cancer.

-Melissa K: Continued prayers for her sister Jen who is battling cancer.

Updates: 05/08/2020

-Prayers for Jodie R. (Little Angels Assistant Director) and family in the loss of her mom.

-Prayers for Anne D. (Little Angels Teacher) and her family as the make decisions regarding her mom.

-Deb F: Prayers of joy Andy’s test for COVID came back negative.

-Mary N: Prayers of joy and thanks to Pastor Megan and Margo for giving us online worship each week! Prayers of joy that the tulips she planted at church have bloomed and are in full color.

-John W: Prayers of joy his nephew and wife had a baby girl named Blair, by emergency C-section (that was unexpected) but mom and baby are doing well, they had a good social distance family outing to see new life and family members.

-Lynda B: Prayers of joy that her and Mary celebrated with Ann T. by having a social distancing birthday party outside complete with cake.

-Kristine R: Prayers of joy to see the beautiful tulips as the girls played in the church parking lot.

-Anne Mollen S: Thankful her son, who worked downtown, that neither he nor his co-workers got the virus. Prayers of joy that all those patients were able to go home.

-Heather F: Prayers of Joy that she has been feeding the birds and taking pictures of them. An Indigo Bunting showed up.

Indigo Bunting at Heather F.’s bird feeder

Heather F: Prayers for Terry Kane who is in a lot of pain from his back and lung cancer. Prayers for his son Sean who has moved in and taking care of him. Please support the meal train link to help Terry and Sean

-Anne Mollsen S: Prayers for her friends’ husband that fell and had to go to a nursing home, where he got infected with COVID and passed away. Prayers for Leo who has back pain but is stubborn and will not call the doctor, give him pain relief and wisdom. Prayers for Anne for patience and support as she cares for him.

-Deb F: Prayers for the results from COVID tests to come back in a quicker time frame.

-Margo G: Prayers for Elise, her daughter, continued good health as her blood pressure and echo cardiogram went well.

-Margo’s mom: Prayers for Elise who is an ICU nurse, dealing with COVID patients at North Western Hospital

-Lori A: Prayers for Moses, son of friend who deals with substance abuse. Prayers for all people who have mental health struggles and are not dealing well with this.

-Roger H: Prayers for co-workers who have been let go and all those dealing with job loss.

-Chris L: Prayers for her brother who is out work, currently in the process of getting a loan, this is a very slow process, prayers he will be able to get through this.

-Mary N: Prayers that God protects governor as he makes decisions to begin the process of opening businesses, give him a watchful eye.

-Melissa K: Continued prayers for her sister Jen who is battling cancer. They took Jen to hospital on Friday she was administered 2 units of blood and then they were able to bring her home. Please lift Jen and Melissa during this time.

-Rachelle T: another friend has been lost to COVID19. Prayers for our cousin and her baby who are fighting for their lives.

04 /28/2020

–Jodie (L.A. Assistant Director): Prayers for her mom who has tested positive for COVID19. After initially improving, she is now in decline. Prayers for a peaceful transition, and prayers for Jodie’s family.

-Ann T: Prayers of joy celebrating her 80th birthday, would of loved to share birthday cake with  church people. Happy Birthday to Roger H. whose birthday is this week too.

-Diane W: Prayers of joy that we are blessed with new granddaughter, Aviana.

-Kitty G: Prayers for her aunt Jackie of MI who passed away from COVID19, prayers for Uncle Bob in Nashville who suffered a massive heart attack, his family, Thelma and children, is with him and he’s trying to come back

-Ann T: Prayers for Michelle W. who has breast cancer, she’s a baker for our cookie walk.

-Wayne S: Prayers for Clair bear as she starts a new regiment of chemo treatments, new hope!

-Sue S: Prayers for family of Sharon’s husband niece who had a fire and lost everything.

-Deb F: Prayers for Andy who’s not feeling well, currently not sure what his illness is

-Margo G: Prayers for Elise, her daughter, who has elevated heart rates, been back and forth to the ER, pray to resolve what is causing this elevation

-Sue B: Prayers for Wade’s mother, Evelyn has passed away. Prayers for family at this time. Also prayers for Wade’s brother Don as his warehouse is clearing out.

-Sandy (L.A. Teacher): Prayers for her sister-in-law, Mary, who is undergoing cancer treatments. Also prayers for Sandy’s brother Tom, and son TJ.

-Our Good Shepherd Students, Youth, and Children. This has been a challenging time.

-Ann T: Prayers of thanks for a beautiful day today! No snow, birds are signing, took a walk in the garden.

-Lynda B: Prayers of joy that she babysits the twins on Tuesday, they all had fun. Prayers for stepdaughter’s mom for continued recovery, which is going well.

-Diane W: Prayers of thanks that we are finding ways to communicate and joy in seeing people’s faces. Joy that we should have a grandchild by end of week.

-Mary N:  Prayers for sister in New York who is recovered from COVID19, she tested positive again, even though she has no symptoms, it is a puzzle. May God surround her sister and her sister’s husband.

-Lois M-D:  Prayers of healing for Angela.

-Dave H:  Prayers for his cousin Joe, who suffered a stroke and is in a care facility, which someone in facility has COVID19.

-Lori A:  Prayers for people with mental health issues that in seclusion, dealing with mental health is a challenge, may they find comfort in at home resources that are available to them.

-Pastor M:  Prayers for her cousin Anna who had a bad asthma attack, appears to not be COVID19 and is only asthma.


Meal Train for Terry Kane:



We are thankful that with our resources we can help at least some who are in need.

-Strongs: Claire is home for Easter and her first cancer anniversary. She has outlived projections.

-Jen (Melissa K’s sister): Thankful for all of the prayers and encouragement from Good Shepherd

Melissa: Jen is still with us and getting blood transfusions. She got a visit from her grandbabies.

Roes: Thankful for Good Shepherd support in loss of nephew Seamus. Continued prayers for the family.

Mary N: Thankful for a good week of recovery from knee surgery

Sue S:  Happy her mother in law’s in rehab is now thriving, getting good help, was able to wave from outside the window to her

Jacqui H: Her sister is doing much better. Continued prayers for her.

Margo: Thankful for first responders and those who are working including pizza delivery people. Happy to see everyone.

John W: Blessing to hear all the stories of people getting fed and being served with no questions asked!

Mary N:  Prayers of gratitude that her sister is home from the hospital recovering and her sister’s husband is still feeling weak but showing signs of getting stronger. Thankful that she is getting stronger and healing.

Ann MS:  Everyone is doing well, Leo is feeling better and everyday walking a bit farther, we are keeping our spirits up enjoying video calls. Blessing that their granddaughter, who’s cancelled prom was supposed to be this past weekend, the prom photographer offered free pictures in the forest preserve to all.

Lynda B:  Grateful that her children and their spouses have jobs. Blessings that her cousin, Mary Ellen is doing well despite having lung cancer.

Margo G: Blessing that her friend Cynthia’s test came back negative for virus, although she does have ammonia. Happy that they were able to give Elise her a car to use so she doesn’t have to use public transportation to get back and forth to work at hospital.  God is good all the time!

Diane W:  Blessing to see family and friends through virtual media. Happy that we have good things in our lives as upcoming marriage for son and daughter in law and new grandchild due in April.


We lift all of those affected by the virus.

We lift everyone who is in need.

We lift those who are in unhealthy shelter-in-place situations (abuse, sanitation, incarceration).

Continued prayers for health care workers and “essential” workers.

-Mary N.: Prayers that we can stay together and there will be a cure

-Anne T. : This is an Easter we will never forget; patience for those working behind the scenes caring for all

-Melissa K: Continued prayers for her sister Jen who is battling cancer.

-Juanita D.: Prayers for the world, that we will pray, talk, and listen

-Johnsons: Prayers for Jeremy’s recovery. We are thankful for those who have jobs. Prayers for those who have lost jobs

-Lori: perspective and help

-Margo: Anna is struggling in pain and having extra bleeding; continued prayers for relief efforts. Elise is feeling better

-Kitty: Aunt Jackie who is 95 and has the virus; brother in law rushed to hospital on wednesday with a mini stroke

-Chris Leo: Brother is self employed and having a hard time

-CrasH: healing for Rose and her family

-Kitty G: My elderly Uncle Bob (in Nashville) was having trouble breathing last week & was rushed to the hospital where they were able to rule out the Corona virus and treat him. He is now in rehab & of course can’t see my Aunt Thelma who is so concerned. Prayers for them & for my cousins (also in Nashville) who aren’t even allowed to help either of them.

-Pam K: prayers for my daughter who is pregnant and recently diagnosed with gestational diabetics

-Lynna J:  prayers for all health care workers, those working outside of their home, grocery store workers etc. Prayers for her sister who is going through a divorce, current situation is making this process extra complicated.

-Tammy W: Friend Marc has passed away from COVID19. The senior we were praying for is doing better.

Sue B: Prayers for daughter, Lauren, following a severe allergic reaction and trip to the emergency room. She is home now and resting. Sue is exhausted.

Diane: prayers for caregivers and front line workers.

Anne M.: Daughter is home for a week with a fever; also prayers for safety.

Mary N: concerned for first responders and teenagers and others who are not being diligent with staying at home

Lynda B: For those who are struggling

Sapps: Neices and nephews that are first line people. Prayers for people who can’t be with families, and those who are grieving, and those who are sick and can’t have visit

Anne T: Hopefully soon something will be discovered to help those who are critically ill and a vaccine developed

Chris J: mom is home by herself

David J: prayers for these unprecedented times

Sue S:  Prayers for Jacquie H. sister whose cat passed away; she is all alone

Mel R: Prayers for her aunt who had heart surgery. It was successful but still pray for full recovery. And this economic downturn paralyzing families is heartbreaking.

Roger & Lisa H:  Prayers for COVID19 work being done, coping to stay healthy. Prayers for people who must go into office that they can stay healthy.

Diane KH:  Prayers for health care workers, and Cecily, who is at risk to exposure, unsung heroes that help.

Chris L:  Prayers for those feeling trapped and support with challenges they face.

Terri T:  Prayers that minds come together to work on this problem, Lord move in lives of those who have brilliant minds to quickly find ways to overcome virus.

Mary N:  Prayers for her nephew and family members of his friend, Anthony, who has passed away.

Prayers for scientists and all families being isolated.

Ann MS:  Prayers for her son who is a Physician Assistant.

Lynda B:  Prayers for her daughter and son in law who work for Loyola, as they are working long and stressful hours.

Margo G:  Prayers for friend Cynthia who has pneumonia. Proud of daughter Elise, who works in ICU directly with COVID19 patients, she is well, prayers for health. Prayers for Melissa K. and her sister Jan who has cancer.

Diane W: Prayers for the family of her Uncle Dom, who passed away on Sunday.

Pastor Megan:  (from Gail) Prayers for folks who are helped by PADS, GSUMC is no longer doing PADS at Prince of Peace they officially closed, a mega church will be supporting them.  They are currently still being cared for in a hotel with are need experiencing own bed, shower and privacy. Also, prayers for those who have food allergies and or intolerance, that they are receiving the nutrition they need as people hoard food.


Ann T: Thanks to all workers: police, fire, medical, etc. for all they do, not sure how we will be able to repay them. God bless them.

May we have a blessed Holy Week and Easter.