2018 Charge Conference Reports

Developing an Intentional Discipleship System: A Guide for Congregation for Congregations (2 paper copies are available to borrow from the church office)

2018 Charge Conference Notes_UPDATED

Please note the following:

The Good Shepherd Church Leadership Teams for 2018 – 2019 require the input of the entire active congregation. The teams are now divided in ways that reflect our new leadership structure, approved at our 2017 Charge Conference. If you are interested in serving in these ministry areas, or think someone else would be a good fit and you would like to offer their names for consideration, please do so. Everyone is invited to pray and discern whether or not to accept the opportunity to serve and either confirm or decline their acceptance byDecember 7, 2018, so the Nominations Committee can meet and prepare for the vote and approval of the Ad Council on December 20, 2018 for terms to being January 1, 2018. The Administrative Council Team is made up of those people who are the chair people of each team. The Administrative Council also includes our Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference, and members at large (if applicable). The Administrative Teams are required by The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church.

As you look over these names, if your name is missing or a mistake has been made, please offer the correction. If you are interested in joining a team, please lift your name during Charge Conference, or talk to Pastor Megan. God bless you and thank you for your service.

Administrative Council Team

Team Purpose: All team Leaders meet to share their groups’ news and needs. Vote on any necessary financial items, nominations, etc…

Secretary: Diane Wenc
Lay Leader/Member Jel Reniva (2+)
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference Tammy White (2)


Administrative Ministry Teams (Business)

Administrative Council Executive Team consists of the chair or representative of each area.



Team Purpose: Develop church budget based on salaries and ministry goals. Encourage congregation to support our budget with their offerings. Establish fundraising events to help defray budget costs.

Leader:  Todd Johnson (2+)                   Treasurer: Carie Dabdoub  (2)

Todd Johnson (2+) Bruce Kelsey (2+) Dave Henderson (2+)
Laura Koenig (2+) Carie Dabdoub (2)



Team Purpose: Manage the property of the church including the parsonage. We are responsible for the building projects, maintenance, and paying the mortgage and utilities.

Leader:  Lori Albert

Bruce Kelsey (2+) Wayne Strong (2+) Paul Puralewski (2+)
Joe Rocha (2+) Kevin Bailey (2+) Marlon Remoquillo (1)
David Koenig (2+) Terry Kane (2+)


Staff Parish Team

Team Purpose: Work with all paid staff (yearly reviews, salary adjustments, vacations, etc.)


Steve Gordon (2+) Kristine Reniva (2+) Jim Machonis (2+)
Roger Holmes (1) Rob Arns YA (1)
Gaye Bujarski  (2) Sara Henderson (2)


Lay Leadership/Nominating Team

Team Purpose: oversee implementation of people serving in specific areas. Meets as needed, the pastor is chair of this committee by The Book of Discipline

Leader:  Pastor Megan

Sherry Olsen (2) Lori Albert (2)
Steve Gordon (2+) Sue Sapp (2)
Sue Brown (2)





Team Purpose: Dream, Design and Develop worship

Pastor Megan Dean Margo Goodwin Lynda Baran
Tatiana Kuznetsov Gigi Garcia Dean Leo
Sarah Thomas (YA) Carie Sanders Jel Reniva Jess Reniva (Y)



This combines Mission, Outreach, Evangelism, and Fellowship/Hospitality

Tammy White Norvell Bujarski Becky Wafford
Diane Rocha Chris Bailey Kitty Goltra
Gail Casey Lisa Holmes
Ann Townsend Lori Albert Jean Dye
Mary Norris Pam Karavas
Ann Mollsen





Youth Ministry

Team Purpose: Hands and feet of Youth Ministry “do life” with the Youth.

Youth Group Leaders: Diane Kalchbrenner-Herby and Jel Reniva

Tammy White (2+) Diane Kalchbrenner (2+)
Dale Schlitter (2+) Steve Gordon (1) Heather Fagan (1)
George Karavas (2+) Diane Kelsey (2+) John Wafford (1)
Cheryl Johnson (1) Jel Reniva (1)


Children’s Ministry

Team Purpose: Coordinate Sunday School (teachers and shepherds), choose curriculums, plan yearly VBS programs, holiday programs and any other ministry designed specifically for Children.

Leader:   Kristina Stolk, Children’s Ministry Director

Cheryl Johnson Tamara Sommer  Lynda Baran (1)
Kristine Reniva  Dorie Gordon


Adult Ministry

Team Purpose: visioning, promote spiritual discipline and commitment with education, opportunity and fellowship through study

Roger Holmes Jacquie Hayes  Pastor Megan
Jel Reniva Heather Fagan



Project based teams are sub-teams of one of the above. Limited, well defined scope, defined budget, defined timeframe.


2019 Annual Variety Show (Community):  Pastor Megan, Margo Goodwin,                                                                                                    


Proposed Project:___________ (Parent Team) __________ Proposed People: __________________________________


Proposed Project:___________ Proposed Team: __________________________________________________________